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Advanced Via Individual Determination (AVID)

The AVID Elementary Philosophy has vision, purpose, and objectives


Establish an enriching, motivating environment in which all students develop a growth mindset toward learning


Provide all students with fundamental skills to promote academic success, self-efficacy and self –advocacy as they begin their educational journey


  • Experience WICOR Lesson
  • Develop student success skills, partnerships, and a college-going mentality in all students
  • Provide tools for all student to effectively navigate the culture of school systems and
  • And academic transitions throughout their educational careers
  • Strengthen transitions across entire feeder patterns
  • Develop a common language of articulation, calibration, assessment and accountability to promote equity and access for all students within the AVID College Readiness System



In the AVID Elementary Classroom

Writing to Learn

Ø Reflections tools including

Ø Journals

Ø Learning log

Ø Summary Reflections

Ø Content Connections

Ø Steps of the Writing Process


Ø Levels of Questions/Answers

Ø  Critical Thinking Skills

Ø Socratic Method Activities

Ø Cross-Curricular Connections


Ø Purposeful Group projects

Ø Study Buddies

Ø Study Buddies

Ø Focus Groups


Ø Agenda/planner

Ø Organizational tool

Ø STAR Strategy, including

o   2-Column

o   3-Column Notes

o   Cornell Notes

Reading to Learn

Ø Effective Reading Methods

Ø Learning Logs

Ø Think-Alouds

Ø Graphic Organizers