Mission Statement


The mission of the Inglewood Unified School District is to ensure that all our students are taught rigorous standards based curriculum supported by highly qualified staff in an exemplary educational system characterized by high student achievement, social development, safe schools, and effective partnerships with all segments of the community.

How will we accomplish this mission?

Hudnall Elementary School will be a nurturing community, that teaches students to excel academically and socially by applying critical thinking processes, facilitating parent-community involvement, and utilizing emerging technology in a clean and safe environment where all students feel important and become productive citizens of our community.


The vision of the Inglewood Unified School District is to provide a learning environment that empowers all students to acquire the academic and social skills needed to become productive citizens and lifelong learners in a global economy.

How will we make this vision a reality?

Students being promoted to the middle school will have the necessary tools for a successful middle school career. Our students will be educationally, technologically, and culturally literate.